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Service Dogs and the Rights of the Disabled

On June 18th the BOMA Idaho luncheon featured Amy Howe with the US Attorney’s Office who administers American Disabilities Act laws.

The subject was the admission of animal pets into public places. This includes, Service Dogs, Emotional Support Animals (not just dogs) and Therapy Dogs.
The purpose of the presentation was to explain how the admission of these animals into public buildings is permitted under the American Disabilities Act and the Fair Housing Act and how a building manager or owner can properly and legally approach a situation of this type.

There is a lot of confusion and continued education needed on this topic. BOMA Idaho is planning a follow-up event. Watch the event calendar for the date and time.

In the meantime, the American Bar Association has a great deal of information available on the subject. This information is available HERE.

The U.S. Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division also has a great deal of information on the subject which can be found HERE.