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Addressing Refrigerants as a Silent Leading Contributor to Global Warming, Danfoss’s CO2 Mobile Training Unit Comes to Meridian

Danfoss will deploy its CO2 Mobile Training Unit this summer, making only two stops in the U.S. – the second in Meridian, ID, hosted by DC Engineering July 11-19.

The North American Sustainable Refrigeration Council (NASRC) – founded by Boise resident and former overseer of the EPA’s GreenChill Partnership, Keilly Witman – will partner with
Danfoss, DC Engineering, and CTA Architects Engineers for July’s Meridian event, offering natural refrigerant seminars and live demos of the system. Targeted at retailers, contractors, and
service technicians, the half-day sessions will focus on providing a broader overview of natural refrigerants, including benefits and challenges, as well as case studies.

“CO2 is continuing to gain traction in commercial refrigeration as food retailers look for ways to comply with legislation that phases out higher global warming potential refrigerants,” Peter Dee,
Danfoss food retail sales and services director, explained.


Refrigerants commonly found in air conditioners and refrigeration systems are known as “super” greenhouse gases, because they are thousands of times more potent than carbon dioxide in terms
of their warming effect on the earth. In fact, refrigerant emissions from a typical U.S. supermarket have a greater effect on climate than the supermarket’s entire annual electricity use.
So, while individuals often equate energy savings with the reduction of global warming, most traditional energy efficiency improvements are a drop in the bucket compared to what could be
achieved if refrigerant emissions are curtailed.

“The story of why available technologies haven’t been deployed includes ineffective governmental policy and regulation, lack of awareness, a cost/volume catch-22, and short-term
corporate thinking,” Witman said. “Calling attention to this subject – the worst environmental problem most have never heard of – is the only way to address the problem and encourage those
with the ability to create change to step up and take the lead on this important issue.”

Meanwhile, southwest Idaho is rapidly becoming a natural refrigeration hub. CO2 refrigeration units have been installed at several stores under the Albertsons umbrella nationwide and at the
Defense Commissary Agency (DeCA) facility at Mountain Home AFB. The Treasure Valley is home to many manufacturing and grocery headquarters, as well as entities making huge strides
in natural refrigeration deployment including DC Engineering, CTA Architects Engineers, and Witman’s KW Refrigerant Management Strategy. July’s event stands to put the local area even
more on the map in this arena.

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