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2019 Scott J. Chandler Scholarship

The Scott J. Chandler Scholarship is awarded annually to a BOMA Idaho member working in commercial real estate to attend BOMA International’s Annual Conference and Expo (June event). The scholarship covers
registration plus $500 to be used toward other costs (travel, hotel, etc.).

Scott J Chandler

On September 29, 2016, BOMA Idaho lost a long time member with the passing of Scott Chandler.  Scott served on the Board and as an officer of BOMA Idaho for many years.  In his roles with the Masonry Center and Orchard Partners, LLP, as well as BOMA Idaho, Scott was a tireless advocate for the interests of commercial property owners and managers.  He provided significant service to BOMA Idaho as a member of its Board of Directors from 2002 through 2011.  He also served as the Secretary for BOMA Idaho from 2002 through 2007. 

Scott was an engaged property owner supporting all of the efforts of BOMA Idaho.  He took an active role in BOMA Idaho’s work with the State of Idaho Division of Building Safety to address elevator regulations in Idaho and to reform those regulations when it became apparent that there were short comings.  Whether it was service on the elevator working group or testifying and lobbying at the Idaho Legislature, Scott took an active role advocating for the interests of industry members. 

Leading the expansion of The Masonry Center in the Pacific Northwest, Scott was also instrumental in meeting the needs of developers and contractors throughout the region.  While his service to the industry as a vendor was important, Scott’s greatest contribution was through the management of Orchard Partner’s portfolio of buildings and working with his family. 

Scott oversaw the efforts of his family’s company to meet the needs of their tenants while advancing the effective reuse and renovation of older buildings that some may have torn down.  From the ownership and management of some of the largest buildings leased by the State of Idaho, to the construction of the new urbanist 1299 Orchard and its and its expansion, to the renovation and reuse of the CSC Building, and the development of The Masonry Center’s facilities across Orchard, Scott Chandler had a leading role in the enhancement and redevelopment of this neighborhood.

Scott regularly attended the annual BOMA International Conference and Expo.  He indicated that as an owner and as a vendor, it kept him focused on what could benefit his buildings and what his competitors were doing.  BOMA Idaho wants others to get the benefit of participating in this annual event and as such has decided to honor Scott Chandler’s service and commitment to BOMA by naming its scholarship fund to support sending members to the International Conference and Expo, the Scott Chandler Conference and Expo Scholarship Fund.  

Only current, active members of BOMA Idaho are eligible. A current, active BOMA Idaho member is defined as a BOMA member working full-time in a commercial real estate related position for a minimum of one year and actively attend and participate in BOMA luncheons, meetings and activities.
Must be a current, dues paying member of BOMA Idaho for a minimum of one year.

Application Procedures
Please download the attached form and submit along with all required documentation in pdf format to BOMA International no later than May 1 each year.