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Travis Rothweiler

City of Twin Falls Update

City Manager at City of Twin Falls

After conducting a nationwide search to replace its long-standing city manager of 32-plus years, I was selected by the members of the city council to serve as the city manager for the City of Twin Falls, Idaho in December 2010 and was officially appointed on April 1, 2011.

The City of Twin Falls is a full-service city with 281 full-time dedicated public service professionals and an annual operations and capital budget over $95 million. The latest (2013) certified population estimate from the U.S. Census Bureau is 45,981 and serves a trade area population of an estimated 250,000 people.

The city manager serves as the city’s chief executive officer and is responsible for providing the overall leadership element. The city manager is responsible for overseeing and executing the day-to-day and strategic operations and to work collaboratively with the members of the city council and departments on activities designed to advance, promote and secure the community. Statutorily, the city manager, with significant contributions and input from department leaders, is responsible to develop and construct a balanced and sustainable budget for the City Council’s consideration.

Led several processes including: an effort to reorganize the city’s organizational structure, the first community-driven visioning and strategic planning, transformation effort to become a High Performance Organization, helped to re-engage the City in the area of Economic Development, re-engineer the city’s budget process to meet the Government Finance Officers’ Association best practices, worked with the City’s CFO to create and develop the financial dashboard and Five-Year Financial Forecasting model.